Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Bathing for All Genders

What's a RantWoman to do?

RantWoman finds this item a highly on-point presentation of issues related to sweat lodges and cultural appropriation.

Spiritual Appropriation Films Explore Cultural Appropriation by New-Agers


RantWoman is aware of several cultures where some kind of group bathing / public steaming is deeply rooted and enjoyed by many. So, RantWoman would love to formulate some understanding of sitting together with spiritual intentions in steaming places that is free of cultural appropriation baggage and that  could be realized easily at Quaker gatherings.

But for now RantWoman will humbly offer comments about all-gender restrooms at #npym2017:

The restrooms in RantWoman's dorm all had doors on stalls and lovely shower curtains. They were also designated all-gender. So RantWoman did not even ask and simply set about taking showers--and holding a caregiving situation in the Light. The only awkward moment: connecting discretely with one's towel after showering.

Hot water: Quakers of all genders expect hot water. This does not mean, for one restroom, there was any God as personal butler model of divine presence or any plumbing staff around to oblige. There was however the soul-purifying opportunity to COPE and an excuse just to ask others to chance a tiny bit more natural olfactory experience than one might mean to impose. Are we feeling pure yet?

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