Thursday, March 16, 2017

On Carrying a Concern: VERY cool resource

WAY Cool resource.

On Carrying A Concern

The Podcasts
On Carrying A Concern Podcast Episodes

Hiccup from the intro:
"We don't want this stuff to be Google-able?"

Why the hell not?

RantWoman has a twitch about true presentation in the streams of google. RantWOman has this twitch partly because RantWoman deals far too much with Google autocorrecting incorrectly.

Earth to RantWoman if you insist on Blog as Quaker Journal, you get to just accept what comes along and interact as led.

Podcasts are a great good thing, with two comments.
--Despite RantWoman's longstanding geekiness, RantWoman is somehow twitchy about downloading and cataloging podcasts. RantWoman does not particularly think sorting this out is particularly the job of any podcaster, but ...

--Voices with normal human inflection are generally preferable to computer generated voices. Okay, yeah, but RantWoman has the blind person adaption to accelerated speed and admits she may sometimes be impatient with voices at normal speed.

One technological hiccup which RantWoman notes and will celebrate when gone:

RantWoman hopes and expects that when she listens to something on a site that there will be keyboard controls for whatever media player is embedded in the site. RantWoman did not find any such. Once the podcast downloaded, RantWoman knows how to deal with Windows Media Player.

RantWoman GREATLY appreciates the intro and statements about support, the language, and the stories included. RantWoman means to check back or figure out subscribing.

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  1. Hi there!

    Since you asked, the logic of the non-Google-ability is *not* that we don't want Google to find this content, but rather, that things that are *already* Google-able we don't want to waste folks' time with. If someone's story of public service is already out there and can be found through news articles, we're less interested in having them repeat that story for the umpteenth time and instead share this inward story of how that outward thing came to be.

    Thanks for listening!

    Oh, the episodes are also on Google Play Music and iTunes, so you should be able to listen to them via either of those apps as well as from the website in your browser.