Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kids, Growing, Music with Gustav and Gustavo

Neurodiversity digression in the spirit of more of RantWoman's holiday festival of music and dance. Thank you morning radio.

The Seattle Youth Symphony promo video from their development office, performance with cellist Joshua Roman

Seattle Symphony, The Theme from Star Wars, with live program notes pointing out a certain thematic blurring with Star Trek.

Seattle Youth Symphony Junior Orchestra, Overture to West Side Story

Seattle Youth Symphony, 1976-1977 season, Mahler 5th symphony, Movement 1

Gustavo Dudamel conducts Mahler, Symphony No. 2, Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of venezuela

Leonard Bernstein conducts Mahler's Symphony No. 2, Resurrection
In other words, for RantWoman purposes, sooner or later one gets back to God no matter how one starts.

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