Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Quaker with Parkinson's

Another book on RantWoman's list of: would like to get read / might not get read / is really interested in hearing about if others get read:

Aside from the might like to read list, RantWoman dedicates this post to Kindest Editor Ever Friend and to Mrs. Also Very Weighty Friend. Kindest Editor Ever Friend strugggles with tremors and probably numerous other effects of Parkinsonism invisible to RantWoman. Presently Kindest Editor Ever Friend is also recovering from a broken femur. Mr. and Mrs. Very Weighty Friend retired across the water on the penninsula, so RantWoman gets to hold them in the Light from a distance. RantWoman also hopes they got the set of Rocky Mountain wildflower postcards which surfed to the top of one of RantWoman's mystery drawers just as news of the broken bone arrived.

Kindest Editor Ever Friend earned his title because he was Clerk during RantWoman's first spell as Recording Clerk. Kindest Editor Ever Friend has the gentlest eagle eye RantWoman has ever encountered for matters of punctuation. He also had the gift of untangling RantWoman's graduate school style into much simpler sentences. As a mentor after the fact put it, Kindest Editor Ever Friend did not necessarily always have a perfect ear for noting whether decisions and specific actions had been clearly recorded but between God and the labors of Friends, the world did not grind to a halt over this challenge.

RantWoman is fondly, fondly holding Mr. and Mrs. Weighty Friend in the Light

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