Friday, March 16, 2012


RantWoman recently wrote in a discussion of people's passing away on one of her Salt and Light Forums, "In our Meeting there are some people who are not acquainted with God or not acquainted with God in so many words, except that every day, every act of their lives is a realization of the Holy Spirit."

RantWoman in those words was remembering Mrs. Really Good Questions Friend whose passing was memorialized recently. Mr. Really Good Questions Friend says things like "I was born Marxist" and "my spiritual life is music, art, and revolution." Mrs. Really Good Questions Friend just did and did not talk about.... At the memorial for instance, someone told a story about Mr. Really Good Questions Friend and another guy on a boat. Someone's hat blew away and got stuck on an outstretched part of the boat. Mrs. Really Good Questions Friend just climbed up and retrieved the hat while the two guys were still chattering.

Mr. and Mrs. Really Good Questions Friend might also be called Magnetic Grandkids Friends, one of those sociological categories where individual couples hover in RantWoman's mind on the boundary between real people and statistics. They moved to Seattle several years ago to be near their daughters and grandkids, and quickly found Friends Meeting a rich source of community. RantWoman's esteem zoomed shortly after they arrived when they showed up at Seattle's Martin Luther King Day march, something RantMom for instance has yet to do.

Time was when RantWoman would fly into a lather about referring to a woman only in terms of her husband. RantWoman has plenty of other lather these days. Plus RantWoman would need equal opportunity lather: RantWoman finds it easiest to refer to Mr. Nasturtiums in Salad Friend, rather than say Mismatched Sock and Trombone Friend. For both people, the reference to a spouse reflects high estimation of longstanding obvious deep love between a married couple.

Mrs. Really Good Questions Friend majored in Home Economics and Design in college and the memorial program had wonderful elegant pictures both of her as young woman and of the two of them. Mr. Really Good Questions Friend says one of the pictures is how she will always look to him.

One of their daughters also shared Mrs. Really Good Questions Friend's love of elegant footwear. RantWoman was touched. RantWoman only very occasionally encounters footwear that is elegant and suitable for RantWoman's feet but RantWoman when she finds such will do the best she can to keep walking in Mrs. Really Good Questions Friend's footsteps.

As another blogger writes:
"It seems to me that death does not end relationships, it merely changes the rules of conversation."

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