Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Special Report on Special Commitment Center

RantWoman can easily appreciate the possibility that at least some of her readers would prefer the churnings of RantWoman's soul and efforts to aerate her spiritual compost heap in a separate stream from efforts to engage with and intervene in public affairs in a clear and sober-minded way.

RantWoman's readers would probably appreciate that but that is not what they get. Here by way of jogging RantWoman's memory that such exists are some links to a current series in the Seattle Times about the Special Commitment Center where people who are deemed by the courts to be "sexually violent predators" are detained.

RantWoman heard of the series on the radio and has not had time to interact but probably is going to need to.



There is more to this series, but RantWoman expects her readers probably have as much or more capacity to find the right links than RantWoman does. RantWoman already had a long to-do list. While RantWoman was poking at these links she also put together some other data that has been roiling her soul and deided she realized in full-on RantWoman to the Rescue Wonder Quaker Cape Streaming mode she also needs to do something else too.

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