Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eat Pray Cry

RantWoman is so extremely grateful both for the Quaker blogosphere and for the fact that she herself has gotten all the tools of hardware, software, and connectivity to enjoy it fully. RantWoman will has some point have to render the depths of this passion in terms of her #smallsuccess tag on Twitter and then maybe into some good cause fundraising. Right now, that front also has gut-wrenching leaps for which RantWoman feels inadequate on her own. PResently though, RantWoman is thoroughly enjoying the immersion.

Perhaps the word "enjoy" is not exactly the right word just now. News of Bonnie Tinker's death and Friends' experiences at FGC are still rolling through the internet and rightly so. Each new remembrance brings not only fresh recollections of what a remarkable person Bonnie was but also whole new frontiers of Quaker blogdom for RantWoman to leap joyfully into.

RantWoman spent quite a spell either not able to access Quaker blogs due to limited time in front of computers that work for her or too busy and distracted to try. Lately though, with tolls more or less up and running and work at bay, RantWoman is finding blog after blog presenting questions RantWoman cares about, images, challenges, opportunities to interact. Does RantWoman have any more spare time then ever. No! No! No!

What RantWoman has is passion and enthusiasm and now still a pointed need to pick and choose. Potential is a glorious problem to have!

And just when RantWoman is getting totally blissed with potential soemthing happens to remind her that the technology will suck up its time one way or another, do it yourself troubleshooting here we come.

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