Monday, June 1, 2009

Message from ...

The Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co came up yesterday during Meeting for Worship. You must trust RantWoman that the message was in fact thematically on-topic. More to the point, RantWoman thinks it's so fabulously wonderful that such a place exists that she heartily recommends it to all and sundry!


  1. A message from somewhere in space.

    Rantwoman, please check in with PParsons
    at and let her know how you would like to be attributed in the about the author comments in STIW the book! Rantwoman? or by your more conventional name or both.

  2. Friend Peggy.

    Your email is causing both aol and gmail to puke. Try me at dorenefc @ either of the above and let's see what we can do.

    I do not mind in the least just staying RantWoman but if you want to use my more conventional name please spell both parts correctly.....

  3. I love the link to the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co.! From the look and concept, it seemed clear it was connected to The Pirate Supply Store, San Francisco's largest independently owned pirate supply store!

  4. RantWoman had not previously heard of the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co before it came up in Meeting for Worship. Rantwoman likes several things very much: parking for space ships on the roof, the tutoring project it funds, and the variety of concepts one can buy there.